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A letter

Запись от Solicello размещена 21.03.2011 в 12:47
One more day without you… One more night… How many of them will I spend like this in future? How many nights will I lie with widely open eyes and dream about us, about our summer? It seems so impossible to me… I can’t live without you, without your smile, your wonderful eyes, your hugs and kisses. It is so hard to be here without you, just to write messages, but still these emotionless words can’t render all my feelings and thoughts. Sometimes it is really hard for me to understand you, as I can’t read what you mean in your eyes… I miss them so much…
One more dawn without you… A new dawn and a new day begins, but I don’t want to spend neither this dawn, nor this day without you. Still I feel your love, your tenderness, your support, I feel that you are always with me, but it is next to impossible to live without you by my side. If I had a chance I’d do everything to be with you in a four hours, but 3000 kilometers is rather a big distance for us, but I hope that not for our hearts…
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